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Incredible Natural Swimming Pools

Ik Kil Cenote, Yucatan, Mexico Ik Kil cenote is probably the most amazing natural pool in the Americas. It is an amazing rounded, swimming hole with crystal clear blue water. The Ik Kil cenote is located within the Eco-Archaeological Park in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico.
Hamilton Pool Preserve, Austin, Texas, U.S The Hamilton pool is a favorite summer swimming destination for Americans as well as international tourists. This amazing natural pool is located within a 232 acres of protected area in Austin city of Texas State. The Hamilton pool has striking green water and surrounded by large limestone slabs. There is also a small waterfall spill from the limestone roof.
Hinatuan Enchanted River, Mindanao, Philippines As the name indicates, the Enchanted River is a stunningly colorful river located in the Mindanao Island in Philippines. No one is known about the origin of this beautiful river. That is why the enchanted river is called so.
Dudu Lagoon, EL Dudu, Cabrera, Dominican Republic, Of course, the pristine beaches may be the main thing you love about the Dominican Republic. But the beaches are not the only best swimming spots in the Dominican Republic. In the Cabrera town of the Northeastern coast of the Dominican Republic, there is a sinkhole called as Dudu. The copyright belongs to


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